What to Do When Your Window Breaks


Windows can serve for years without needing to be replaced or fixed, but accidents happen and you may find yourself with a broken window that needs immediate attention. Broken windows weaken your home’s security and comfort. Let’s look at how you can temporarily fix a broken window while you wait for professional help.

 1. Clean up

Shattered glass is dangerous; you definitely do not want to leave it lying around. Grab a pair of heavy-duty gloves and carefully pick up the bigger pieces of the broken window. Slowly put them away in a thick plastic or two plastics placed inside each other. Use a vacuum cleaner or a small broom and dustpan to gather the smaller pieces.

shattered window

If some of the glass is still hanging onto the window frame you may remove it yourself. Place a cloth under the window and tap the remaining glass with the tail end of a wooden stick or hammer.

2. Secure the open area

The next step is to temporarily cover the hole. This will keep your property secure from bad weather and will keep insects from becoming house guests in your home. Use heavy duty plastic such as garbage bags to cover the opening. Fold the plastic to the size you need and when you have the desired size and shape, use masking tape to seal the edges and keep air from coming in or out.




3. Call us for professional window repair and replacement

When the glass is swept away safely and the hole is covered, call us in to help you assess and repair the damage. Using a professional company is the best way to ensure that your job is not only done neatly, but correctly. We will also be able to recommend the right replacement window for your home. Dealing with a broken window isn’t fun, but following these four steps will provide the peace of mind while you wait for professional help.




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